Research Output

University people have to publish about their research, because this is what is expected from us and most of the time that determines our ranking. We can debate whether that is good or bad. Nevertheless we can not do without publishing and presenting of our work in scientific journals, conferences, workshops, websites, videos, talk shows and podcasts. Other websites and media are much better in collecting all our data than we can do. That is why below links are given to these websites.



TEDx talk on Self Healing Asphalt (2012)

CNN: Make, Create, Innovate: Self-Healing Roads (2014)


Smartincs Open Workshop: The self-sealing prospect for different practical applications (2021)

Bazant-Biot Conference, Debate: Cementitious composites at fresh state are visco-plastic solids (2021)

Universiteit van Nederland: Hoe kan een betonen huis zijn eigen scheuren repareren (in Dutch) (2019)

Smartincs 1st Training School: Theory of cracking (2020)

Smartincs 1st Training School: How to perform fracture tests? (2020)

Smartincs 1st Training School: Modelling of fracture, transport, durability and self-healing (2020)

29 Baltic Road Conference, Tallin, Estonia: Self-healing asphalt (2017)

Awards, memberships and other achievements

  • Honorary President RILEM 2018; which actually just means that you have to organize the RILEM week in that year.
  • Fellow IA-FraMCoS
  • Guest Professor Southeast University, Nanjing, China
  • Guest Professor Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China
  • President CONCREEP (from 2021)


member of

  • ACI
  • IA-FraMCoS board


Best paper awards (for papers I was co-author, so the credits actually go to the main author)

  • Senot Sangadji,  ICCR12-conference, Cape Town, South Africa,  best paper, 2012
  • Mladena Lukovic, Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology (JACT), best article 2015
  • Yidong Gan, FraMCoS-X conference, Bayonne, France, best paper, 2019
  • Shan He, ICSHM, Milano, best paper, 2022
  • Shan He, Self Healing Concrete conference, best paper, Ghent, 2023
  • Salam Al-Obaidi, Shan He, Erik Schlangen & Liberato Ferrara, Effect of matrix self-healing on the bond-slip behavior of micro steel fibers in ultra-high-performance concrete, Materials & Structures, outstanding paper award 2023



In our group we are experienced in organizing conferences and workshops. Our event manager Iris Batterham is always the motor behind the organization. A few examples of what we organized in the past years, for which I served as conference chair:

  • CONCREEP 12 (will take place in 2024)
  • 72nd RILEM week and SLD and CONMOD conferences in 2018
  • Self Healing Concrete workshop in 2016
  • SHCC3 conference in 2013