Meet The Professor

Published on 14 January 2023 at 09:34

36 Delft professors took part in "Meet The Professor". We all went to a primary school in Delft to give a lecture to kids in the age 10-12. In total we lectured to about 1000 young students to show them what engineering and science is and to motivate them to join our University in a couple of years. 

We went to the schools on our bicycle wearing our gown and cap. I went to the  Montessori School. Delft Luckily one of the first question of the kids was if we always wear gown and cap when giving lectures. This was a good excuse for me to take them of and continue in jeans and shirt.

I explained them what concrete and asphalt is, how you make it and what problems or challenges there are with these materials. Of course self healing had to be included. I even showed the self-healing ice to them. They found that really fascinating. 

In the end we made some self healing concrete with bacteria, that they have to crack in a week and then monitor the self-healing process.

It was fun to do and looking already forward to next year when we will organize this again.