Open position for PhD

Published on 18 November 2023 at 14:27

We are participating in the GROW project in which there is an open position for a PhD-student in our group. A description of what we are looking for is given below. Look at the GROW-website for the way to apply for this position. Choose Erik Schlangen and Henk Jonkers as supervisors when you apply.


We are looking for an enthusiastic researcher with an MSc-degree in Civil, Materials or Building Engineering with knowledge of material behaviour and 3D-printng technology. Experience with and of application of local (waste) materials in construction in the African region is a preferred.

If you are interested in 3D-printing for durable infrastructure and housing with local (waste) materials you might be our candidate. Think of concrete with local aggregates, cements, SCM, natural fibres but also recycled plastics that can be mixed with sand and extruded with printers to form elements like window-frames or connections between concrete elements.

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Ata Nikravan
6 months ago

Impressive contribution towards sustainability.
Could you please share the locations where the research will be conducted and provide details about the available funding for this project?

6 months ago

The research will take place at Delft University.
more details can be found on
However the application process opens December 1st.