stiffness mapping

Published on 5 August 2022 at 14:23

For our G200 nanoindenter we recently bought the express-test option. Minfei and Shan are trying it out. Left you see a SEM image from a cement paste. Right you see the stiffness maping with the nanoindenter. 10000 indents done within minutes. Looks quite promissing. Size of image is 1x1 mm.

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Jan Voskuilen
2 years ago

Is it also possible to measure the stiffness of asphalt specimens with nanoindenters? Maybe visco-elastic materials are more difficult, because the stiffness depends of the temperature and loading frequency

2 years ago

Yes, that is possible.
we have also a temperature stage.
I see only 2 small possible problems:
- the sample should be very flat (micrometer precission)
- the material should not stick to the tip.

Adrian Bellafonte
2 years ago

Wow, that is impressive! is there a publication or more examples about that?
What was max load/depth of each indentation?
How long does it take to make 10'000 indentations map?