ConCreep12 Delft

Published on 9 June 2024 at 16:18

Last week we organised ConCreep 12 in Delft (5-7 June-2024). We had 130 participants from 26 countries discussing creep and shrinkage of concrete, both at early age and long term, 3D printed materials, experimental methods and modelling approaches.

Zdenek Bazant gave a plenary talk in which he stated that autogenous shrinkage actually does not exist. We had 5 debates in which always 2 scientist where announced by the speaker Maiko van Leeuwen after which they had a 45 minutes debate under supervision of a moderator. The debates were held in a boxing-ring. In addition we had 96 presentations on various topics.

Below some photo's taken during the conference. For a full overview go to:

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